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Insurance is an important part of our lives in today’s society. Health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and home insurance is a necessity for the majority of families in North America. Few tenants think of insuring their personal property against damage or loss because they feel their landlord’s insurance will cover any loss that may occur. This is not how homeowners insurance works and it is in the best interest of the tenants to insure their own property. This can be done through Assurant renters insurance which generally covers the contents of your rental property and a large amount of liability coverage.

Regardless of the type of dwelling you live in, Assurant renters insurance can provide you with coverage that fits any budget. There is very little difference between apartment renters insurance and home renters insurance. One of those differences is home renters insurance policies cover out buildings such as a garage or shed that may house any of your personal property. A home renter’s policy may also include insurance on the home itself to protect you from legal action in case of damage due to negligence. Assurant renters insurance is a leader in the renter’s insurance program and the cost is nominal.

Another program that Assurant renters insurance offers is an Involuntary Unemployment Insurance endorsement that provide up to six months of protection. This program is available in more than 30 states. It provides a maximum benefit of $1,000 a month for a maximum of six months in the event you are unemployed involuntarily. This additional program will add about $69 per year to your renter’s insurance policy. These payments are made directly to the property management company or property owner. Assurant is the first insurance company to offer this type of insurance to their renter’s policies.

Other insurance companies such as Geico, Allstate and AGI can not offer the programs that Assurant renters insurance offer. Assurant can offer these programs because they have partnered with businesses in an effort to offer more coverage to markets such as home mortgage companies, manufactured home builders, auto finance companies, property management companies and general agents. Apartment units that are partnered with Assurant are generally offered this protection with their lease although anyone can buy this insurance. This is how they can offer you great protection at a discounted price when compared to other companies that offer renters insurance to the public.

Assurant renters insurance is easy to apply for and obtain.

Simply go online and do a general search. You can get an instant quote and choose your liability coverage as well as the Involuntary Unemployed coverage you want. Your rates will be slightly higher with the Involuntary Unemployed coverage but they will still be reasonable compared to the cost of relocating. In many cases you can get an instant quote online, buy your policy and file a claim from the same website. Comparing rates will identify Assurant renters insurance as a premier company to choose for all your insurance needs.

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