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AAA Renters Insurance

When you tell someone you have AAA, they think in terms of maps, directions and roadside assistance. Many are unaware that they offer insurances as well. Their line of insurances include home insurance, life, health, long term care and AAA renters insurance. Their renters insurance will cover your personal belongings even if you don’t own your own home. You can protect your property from the perils that sometimes strike apartment complexes such as fire, water damage and theft. AAA renters insurance is not new to their line of diverse insurances. With this insurance you can rest assured that in the event of a covered disaster, you are protected.

Even if your belongings are of greater value than a normal policy will cover, you can still recover the cost of their replacement with high value item insurance. These policies are primarily for rare and expensive cars, jewelry, artwork and musical instruments that when their value is added to the rest of your belongings, would exceed the limits of AAA renters insurance. These policies are provided by an A+ rated international insurance carrier. The AAA name has been trusted for generations to help protect you while on the road. Now they can also protect you in your home.

Whether you rent an apartment, mobile home or single family dwelling, AAA can help you not only protect your belongings but also protect you from the possibility of a liability lawsuit by offering you additional liability coverage. Most AAA renters insurance policies offer coverage for liability but in some instances this is not enough. AAA offers you additional coverage that can ease the burden in the event of injury by visitors. This provides legal representation in such cases and helps prevent judgments. The rates for this additional insurance is nominal compared to paying for legal representation.

Tenants from all walks of life carry AAA renters insurance along with automobile insurance, health and life policies. This earns them the privilege of being in their discount program which gives them a discount on multiple policies. You will also be eligible for this program when you install security devices such as burglar alarms and dead bolt locks for windows and doors. In many cases these are instant discounts that come straight off of the premium. Securing your apartment, home or condominium can save you money.

You can apply for AAA renters insurance right online in just a few clicks of the mouse.

This makes it easy to buy your policy online as well as file a claim. If you want to compare a AAA quote with other companies, you can do this too. Tenants who find they don’t have the time to obtain a quote over the phone can get rates quoted to them online. You will find instant gratification when you buy AAA renters insurance. The cost is minimal when compared to replacing what you spent a lifetime obtaining. Go online today and request you quote for a policy that can save you money and heartache.

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