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AGI Renters Insurance - One The Most Affordable Policies

AGI renters insurance has become one of the most popular renters insurance in the business over the past few years. AGI is number one in customer service because they are dedicated to helping their customers when devastation hits. Whether you are renting an apartment or a home, it is important to have the protection needed to replace your property in the event of damage, theft or personal injury by a visitor. They offer you a variety of policies to cover just about anything you may own of value. Many tenants are unaware of this type of insurance and when disaster strikes, they wonder who will pay to replace their property.

If you want to buy cheap insurance that gives you the coverage you need for your valuables, you should check out AGI renters insurance. The cost of AGI renters insurance is cheaper than most other companies such as Allstate, Progressive and State Farm. This doesn’t mean they offer you less coverage, it simply means you will pay less for the same coverage you get from these other companies. In addition to covering your valuables, you will have coverage for liability in the event a visitor is injured on the property you rent.

You can buy insurance to cover valuables over and above the coverage that a general policy offers you by adding additional riders to your policy. These riders are specifically to cover items such as jewelry, artwork and collections of all types that may not be covered by the limits of your normal renters policy. In the event you already have auto insurance, life insurance or health insurance from AGI, renters insurance can place you in a discount program that gives you discounts for multiple policies. Many of the larger insurance companies offer this program.

Determine what you need your insurance to cover

Most policies cover clothing, appliances, electronics, etc. If you have other items that are valued above the limits of the policy, you will need to purchase an additional policy for high value item coverage. You will need to make a list of your home or apartment contents to be able to determine what will and will not be covered on a normal policy. If you buy an additional policy for the high value items, it could also land you in the discount program for multiple policies. Once you have listed your valuables, you can choose the deductible and the liability limits you want as well.

You can purchase AGI renters insurance online

In many cases you can get an instant quote. You will find that AGI’s rates are competitive with other companies. Of course you will have a deductible but the rates are much cheaper than the cost of replacing everything you own in case of a disaster. Tenants who want to protect themselves from loss and liability will find that AGI renters insurance is the protection they need and want. Get your instant quote today either online or by calling your local AGI insurance agent.

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