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GEICO Renters Insurance – Is It Right For You?

Renters insurance is one of the wisest purchases a tenant can make. There are numerous insurance companies that offer insurance for tenants but one of the top rated policies is Geico Insurance for renters insurance coverage. The premiums for this type of policy varies from one company to another but the cost is nominal compared to the cost of replacing your personal property. In addition to Geico renters insurance, you can also purchase an endorsement to cover additional items. This endorsement is called scheduled personal property coverage. The endorsement covers property that is not normally covered or is severly limited on your general policy, like jewelry, watches, antiques, collectibles, and art objects.

An umbrella policy is a policy that will protect the holder for losses above and beyond the limits of liability coverage on your basic policy. These policies usually cover above a dollar amount of coverage stated on your current liability policy. The terms of coverage of these policies are generally broader than those associated with an existing policy. A scheduled personal property policy is one that covers personal property above and beyond the limitations of the basic policy coverage. For instance this policy will cover items such as coin collections whose value would exceed the dollar amount of regular renters insurance. These are especially good for jewelry, artwork, collections and musical instruments.

Geico renters insurance could qualify you for a discount program if you also have other policies through them such as auto insurance or life insurance. When you buy insurance for your home, motor home or other type of vehicle and then buy renters insurance, it generally qualifies you for their multiple policy discount program. Although these discounts may not appear to be much, it can end up saving you lots of money in the long run. This discount can provide you with a lower premium above other companies while offering you better coverage at the same time.

It is important to know who is actually writing your insurance policy. Geico does not write their renters insurance policies themselves. They are underwritten by other companies, possibly by a subsidiary of Geico’s, although Geico actually collects the premiums for them and processes all claims. If you already have a policy through Geico and add apartment or home insurance, sometimes discounts are not available. Geico’s subsidiary companies include Government Employees Insurance Company; GEICO Indemnity Company; Criterion Casualty Company; GEICO General Insurance Company; Government Employees Financial Corporation; Merastar Insurance Company; Southern Heritage Insurance Company; Criterion Life Insurance Company.

You can get an instant quote from Geico online or over the phone. Before making your purchase, you should compare rates to other companies. You will see that Geico renters insurance carries a high amount of liability insurance and will cover most of your daily necessities from loss. Whether you are insuring an apartment or a home, Geico has a policy that will fit your needs. Tenants need protection from loss just the same as a homeowner. Getting an instant quote is as easy as going online, filling out an application and requesting your quote. Don’t forget to ask about rates for liability insurance as well.

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